There is a lot of history in the US and in many of the towns you’ll find a sign that says something like ‘History town district’. Some of these areas might be just a few old buildings in between other new modern buildings and in other cases these areas are more of an attraction.

And this is the case with Brattonsville. The town is just a few miles outside of Indian Trail, so just South West of Charlotte and was listed on a ‘Top 10 places to see in South Carolina’ – so on an outing to friends South Carolina I decided to go past it – and its a good excuse to stay off the Interstates.

The story goes that a family settled there and started farming that then furthered the grow in the community by attracting more people to work on the farm and that is, in short, how the town then started. Over years they acquired more land and then in more recent years some of that land has been sold by the family, but some of the land still belongs to the family and is still a working farm.

They’ve moved some of the old buildings to the area where the original farm house was build so you can get a feel for how it was in that time. The tour guides all dress in era specific clothes and its a cool place to walk through the woods and see all the different types of buildings, some still with its original tools and such, all well preserved and restored.