Enter Ford Escape

What better to do in the States than a road trip. For that the right vehicle selection is important. Obviously using a bike that screams USA like a Harley-Davidson would be awesome…but traveling during winter at sub zero degree Celsius temperatures on a bike is not the best idea. So I thought I’d get a car equivalent of a Harley, something that is unmistakably American – like a 1980’s Ford Bronco. But…finding a decent one that can do close to 10,000 miles in a few months turned out to be slightly more challenging.

So the next option became a Mustang convertible. And I was able to find a few…we’ll, one or two convertibles but mostly coupe’s within my budget. Unfortunately everything with low mileage was already sold by the time I phoned.

Eventually I found one in South Carolina on the Internet and I decided to drive through one morning with my dad’s car to check it out. But again, by the time I got there the car was already sold. Fortunately the lot I was at had a big selection of vehicles…and after slightly adjusting my budget upwards and negotiating a bit of a discount I was able to drive away with a 2008 Ford Escape! What’s even better is its a hybrid!

So now that I have the Ford I can finally escape and start planning my first road trip…probably up north towards New York…