Flight to the States

Getting back from the wedding in Dulstroom on the Sunday afternoon, I only had a few hours to pack the final things for the flight the next day. Having to repack the bags a few times to not go over weight and still fit the few winter clothing items I have, I eventually get everything in and were able to relax at my mom’s place the Sunday evening.

My full travel itinerary were as follow:

  • Flight from OR Tambo in Johannesburg, South Africa to Dubai
  • 7 hour stay at Dubai
  • A long flight from Dubai to Washington DC
  • 4 hour stay at Washington
  • Short flight from Washington to Raleigh, North Carolina
  • 2 hour drive back to my dad’s place from Raleigh

I got a great deal on the flights from South Africa to Washington through Discovery Vitality using Emirates Airways. For the flight from Jo’burg I had an isle seat…and an annoying window seat neighbor that kept drinking beer and soda…and obviously needing to get up every few minutes to run to the loo, waking our middle seat passenger that tried to get in all the sleep he could during the entire flight – a task that became less successful with the beer drinking friend.

It was a morning flight so I stayed awake all the way working in a few episodes of Brooklyn Nine-Nine. In Dubai I tried out the VIP lounge using the Dragonpass vouchers I received from ABSA Bank, which was perfect for some relaxation, food, drinks and some peace and quiet. I first had to run to the duty free shop to get a travel adapter to charge my laptop since I only packed a US to SA adapter and Dubai apparently uses the same plugs as the UK.

The plan was to stay awake till I need to board the plane to the US, so I can sleep during the flight. The theory being that since the plane would arrive at 8am in the States, if I can sleep during the 11 hour flight I should wake up before we land and be rested and cut out having to deal with too much jet lag. But…sleeping on the plane didn’t work out really. It was an empty flight, so had a row of seats to myself, but I ended up finishing the rest of the Brooklyn Nine-Nine episodes…and the movie Civil War…and Avengers…and a few other random episodes of different shows.

Anyway, at Washington getting through passport control was pretty painless, and finding my next local flight was easy enough with the help of the friendly people at the airport.

I blew most of my holiday budget when I decided to buy a sandwich and bottle of water at the airport. But knowing that the United flight of only 1 hour was a 4 hour wait away, I just had to get something to eat…just to stay awake.

My dad came to pick me up for the 2 hour drive home…which I previously though was going to be shorter but I miss judged when I looked for flights and traveling times, but anyway.

The first few days in the States I met some of my parent’s friends and other family members I haven’t seen in years also visited so it was a busy few weeks…with mostly a lot of eating and driving around – but it was all awesome. We played a round of golf at Piper Glen, which was fun. I only lost 2 golf balls, so it was pretty successful, I think.

From this week things will get a bit more into a normal schedule with everyone going back to work. So hopefully I’ll be able to go look for a car for my roadtrip as well as starting to plan the first leg of my trip.