Road trip gadgets and tools

The Suzuki Jimny is an awesome car! You can really go anywhere with it. I never have to think about what the road condition will be like before embarking on a journey. I can only fault two things on the Jimny – one being the size of the fuel tank…with a 40l tank driving normally I need to plan a fuel stops not much more than 400kms apart. In South Africa that is easy enough and on the odd trip that I know it might be an issue I have an addition 20l jerry can I can take with.

The second issue is the sound system… Coming out standard with only two front speakers of not the best quality and a radio with below average FM reception and no aux jacks or Bluetooth connection another plan needs to be made. On a previous trip through the Ceder mountains I use a Bluetooth speaker playing music from my iPhone – and this has now become part of my travel gadgets. With that a powermonkey battery pack to keep the iPhone and speaker charged and my Canon 100D camera rounds off the required gadgets.

On the iPhone I started using the Lively app to create gifs and movies from the iPhone’s live images as well as pulling single specific frames from the live image collection of images.