Nantahala Forest

Visiting friends in Easley, South Carolina – a small town outside Greenville, much closer to a mountain range than Indian Trail – I used the opportunity to go for a hike.

After searching online for possible trails I could take, keeping in mind that some of the trails might be closed for the winter, I decided to see if I could find a meetup group in the area that I could join. Seeing as I wanted to do the hike on a Friday morning I realised my options will be limited, but fortunately there is a big hiking community in a town called Asheville, probably because its located close to the mountains. So I joined on of the groups for the hike on the Friday morning.

I originally wanted to do a trail closer to Atlanta, where the start of the Appalachian Trail would be, but realised option of going with a group might be the better option.

We did about a 8.5km hike down into a valley past a couple of awesome waterfalls in a wooded area, and again up to a lookout point on top of a section called ‘The Great Wall’, where we stopped for a short break enjoying the views! With perfect weather, much warmer than I expected, and apparently much warmer than usual for this time of year – close to 20 degrees Celsius – the hike was exactly what I needed to get outside for a bit!